The Ultimate Guide to LED Light Up Costumes


This article mainly explains the definition, classification, principle, characteristics, production, cleaning, how to deal with common problems of light up clothing, how to identify the quality of light up clothing, brightness problems, intelligence, price and cost, industry status, and market prospects.

What is LED Light Up Clothing ?

Led Light up clothing refers to special luminous clothing. This type of luminous clothing adds LED lights in the production of clothing, and controls the LED light-emitting color change through PCBA and at the same time makes the clothing achieve the effect of light-emitting color change. Currently, there are generally two types on the market. Type: One of them is a luminous clothing made of a combination of LED and optical fiber fabrics. This luminous clothing is also called LED luminous optical fiber clothing. This clothing is made of a special optical fiber fabric. Plastic optical fibers with a diameter of 0.25MM were added in the process, and some exposed plastic optical fibers at both ends of the fabric were bundled and coupled with F5 lamp beads. The plastic optical fiber is originally a kind of LED light strip that is directly sewn on the surface of the clothing fabric or directly put the LED light strip inside the clothes, and the clothes are illuminated by the light of the LED body.

The second kind of luminous clothing is mainly used for stage performances. Its production is relatively rough, heavy, and cannot be cleaned. The production cost is also relatively high, and its purpose is relatively single.

The principle of LED light-emitting fiber optic clothing

LED light-emitting fiber optic clothing is made of a combination of a light-emitting fiber optic fabric and LEDF5 lamp beads. LEDs are intelligently controlled by PCBA to control LED light-emitting and discoloration. Into the fabric, so that the entire fabric glows and changes color, so the light emitted by LED light-emitting fiber optic clothing is more soft and stunning, different from the light emitted by ordinary LEDs, the light-emitting fabric is a light guide, does not generate heat, does not conduct electricity, and has no amplitude shoot. Therefore, LED light-emitting fiber optic clothing is very safe, washable and easy to wear. Luminous fiber optic clothing is made of fiber optic fabrics, common surface accessories and LED control systems. The LED control system includes LED lamp beads and PCBA controllers. We will focus on the production of luminous fiber optic clothing.

Price of Led light up clothing

The price of Led light up clothing ranges from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars in the market. In short, it is relatively expensive. What is the reason for this?

This has to start with the particularity of Led light up clothing. Led light up clothing includes the control system and clothing. The control system includes the controller and light strips. The controller contains PCBA and batteries. The clothing is composed of fiber optic fabrics and ordinary surface accessories, so It can be seen from this that Led light up clothing has more control system and optical fiber fabric costs than ordinary clothing. The cost price of a control system is around 10-20 USD, and the price of optical fiber fabric is around 40-60 USD per meter. There is also a Different costs, the cost of manual production of Led light up clothing is 10-40USD more than ordinary ones, because the production of Led light up clothing is particularly strict, requiring a lot of work, and requires very professional technicians to It is relatively high, and compared with ordinary clothing, Led light up clothing has stricter packaging requirements.

To sum up, the price of LED light-emitting fiber optic clothing is relatively high.

How to make Led light up clothing ?

Today we will focus on telling you in detail how to make Led light up clothing
First of all, the following tools and equipment are needed to make Led light up clothing: sewing machine, scissors, hot cutter
Second, the production of Led light up clothing requires the preparation of raw materials: fiber optic fabrics, common fabric accessories, clothing patterns (drape cutting is not required), control systems (led light up clothing Accessories and LED light strips)
Third, we will start the specific production: 1. Cut the fabric according to the pattern, which includes cutting fiber optic fabric and ordinary fabric. It should be noted that when cutting the fiber optic fabric, it is necessary to ensure that the optical fiber entering the bottom end can The top of the clothes cut piece, in order to facilitate everyone’s understanding, please watch the video:

After cutting the pieces, we need to bundle the bare fibers of the fiber optic pieces. After the bundle is completed, cut the fiber bundles flat with a hot cutter, and then couple the fiber bundles with the F5 lamp beads. It is more troublesome. Of course, there are factories in the market that have handled all these troublesome production links. For example, LUMISOATA has made all the most difficult links into simple screw-type coupling methods. The optical fiber fabrics sold by LUMISONATA The bundle has been completely processed, and the fiber bundle ends are equipped with nut-type accessories, and then the lamp beads of LUMISONATA are also injection-molded with a special mold (picture description), the customer who makes the clothes only needs to put the lamp on after sewing It is very simple to tighten the two pieces of beads and fiber bundles, and the quality of this method is very good, and it is not easy to cause quality problems. Each piece of clothing is sewn according to the pattern. After the sewing is completed.

In this way, a piece of Led light up clothing is finished, and then we connect the controller, and you can see a piece of Led light up clothing that emits dazzling light. Isn’t it super simple, but also very fulfilling, in A technical costume was made under my guidance.

How to clean Led light up clothing ?

Fiber optic fabrics must be washed with water, they cannot be dry-cleaned. Some fabrics can be washed in a washing machine, and others cannot, depending on the different processes used.

Here we will discuss both washing methods- machine washing and hand washing.

1. Machine Wash:

Washable optical fiber fabric is typically made from soft two-layer or multi-layer fabrics that are suitable for machine wash. One or two layers of tulle cover the outer surface of this fabric. On the side of the tulle, plastic optical fiber is regularly interlaced, and the interlacing distance is relatively long, allowing the optical fiber to maintain a certain distance from the tulle without being damaged.

A machine-washable fabric like this can be used in a washing machine like regular clothing. Since the optical fiber fabric products are connected to the electronic control system, waterproofing of the control system is critical here.

It is worth mentioning that the electronic control system utilized by LUMISONATA is of the highest quality. We use a mold to make the connection between the LED and the wire. The structure is therefore waterproof. Also, a threaded construction of the mold allows it to easily attach to the fiber end of the bundle.

Along with the waterproofing of the mold, a simple plastic sleeve is available for the USB interface at the connection of the LED and the wire. The controller cover should be unplugged when machine washing and the plastic sleeve should be used instead.

2. Non-machine Wash:

Non-machine washable fiber fabrics are those with a single layer. In this fabric, the plastic optical fiber is very closely woven with the warp. A 180-degree external force will cause a plastic optical fiber to break. Therefore, these fabrics can only be washed by hand.

Fiber-optic fabric products require an electronic control system for connect with led , and therefore that control system must be waterproof. As I mentioned earlier, LUMISONATA’s electronic control system did a great job by combining the LEDs and making a mold for the wire connection.

3.Non-machine washing involves the following steps:

a) Add detergent to clean water (water temperature should be between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius), mix thoroughly, and soak for five minutes, the detergent cannot contain strong acids or alkalis.

b) Cover the USB plug of the item that needs cleaning with the plastic cover provided and soak it for five minutes in water.

c) Scrub the stains away from the plastic optical fiber.

d) After cleaning, rinse it off with clean water. Place it in the shade to dry. The fabrics/clothes should not be dried in the washing machine or exposed to the sun.

e) If the stain is only a small area, it is easier and faster to clean the stain with a brush directly.

How to deal with Led light up clothing FAQ?

After some friends bought Led light up clothing, there will be some failures in daily wear. We can deal with some situations by ourselves. What are the general situations?

First, read the instruction manual when you buy luminous fiber optic clothing for the first time. Please be sure to charge the controller first. If it cannot be charged, please replace it with a suitable adapter.
Second, in the process of use, the light-emitting fiber optic clothing suddenly does not light up. In this case, the controller is out of power. It is necessary to replace the controller with power, or to charge the controller.

Please read for details #FAQ 

How to identify the quality of Led light up clothing?

This is a very good topic, because this kind of clothes is a very technological product, and the price is relatively expensive. Many people see or buy it for the first time. So, how to identify Led light up clothing? What about quality?

First of all, you should choose a brand or manufacturer. There are not many people in the world who have this kind of production technology and experience. You can easily search for it.

Secondly, after receiving the product, check the integrity of the package before opening the package. If the package is damaged or the product is dirty, the product should be rejected.

Third, when unpacking and opening the product, you should check the completeness of the product list to determine whether there are missing accessories.

Fourth, check whether the function of the test product can be operated and realized, test the luminous situation, whether there is a partial or large area of non-luminous light and the luminous brightness. For example, this kind of luminous clothing can be controlled through the APP operation. The buyer needs to download the APP from the download link of the manual to the mobile phone, and then open the APP for operation and control. Here is an example of the 3.0 version APP of LUMISONATA.

Fifth, whether the controller is charged normally, and whether various functions can be operated and realized.

Sixth, check whether the sewing process is neat and whether there is any breakage,

Seventh, workmanship details, such as whether or not there are threads

In short, a high-quality Led light up clothing needs to meet the following requirements:
1. The workmanship is neatly sewn and the version is correct.
2. Comfortable to wear, no uncomfortable pricking.
3. The whole piece of clothing emits light evenly, and the brightness is uniform, and there cannot be a situation where a certain part does not emit light.
4. The various functions of the controller can be easily operated and demonstrated, and the charging is normal.

The brightness problem of Led light up clothing

We have received feedback from many customers asking whether the brightness of Led light up clothing can be improved? always feel not bright enough.

In fact, regarding the brightness of luminescent fiber optic clothing, we must first understand the principle of luminescent fiber optic clothing. The luminescent fiber optic clothing uses a special luminescent fiber optic fabric combined with LED lamp beads. The control system controls the LED lamp beads to emit light and change color to guide light into the optical fiber. The fabric enables the fiber optic fabric to achieve luminescence and color change. From the principle of luminescent fiber optic clothing, we understand that luminescent fiber optic clothing is a light guide. The light emitted by the fiber optic fabric is soft, beautiful and stunning, and is friendly to the eyes. It is not as dazzling as the light of LED lamp beads. It is also because the fiber optic fabric is Light guide, so the luminescent fiber optic clothing will be weakened under the direct light of the outside light. The best use environment of this kind of clothing is the environment below 50 illuminance. Of course, some people want to wear such beautiful clothes in broad daylight. But the effect is very poor.

At the same time, it has been optimizing technically. LUMISONATA has added a PCBA to increase the current on the basis of each LED lamp bead. Of course, from a simple physics point of view, to increase the brightness of the lamp bead, it is enough to directly increase the power of the LED. But in general, increasing the power of the LED will make the lamp beads hot. At the same time, because of the kinetic energy of the controller battery, we cannot use high-power LED lamp beads, so the method adopted by the LUMISONATA team is to connect each LED lamp bead. A custom PCB is added everywhere to maximize the current, while keeping the LED lamp beads from getting hot, and the current of each lamp bead is balanced. Now under the same conditions, the brightness of LUMISONATA’s luminescent fiber optic clothing has increased by 50%, reaching ( ) lumens. The following is a professional customer’s evaluation on this.

Well, that’s the end of today’s sharing. If you want to know more about lighting up clothing, you can follow our social media.

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